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How much is my claim worth?

After suffering an injury due to someone else's negligence and being faced with unexpected financial costs – recovery time away from work resulting in a loss of earnings, medical expenses, or personal property damage costs etc. – it's perfectly understandable to want to know how much compensation you could receive. You'll need that compensation to help you meet these expenses and to ensure you are able to take the proper amount of time to make a full recovery.

The amount of compensation awarded is directly related to the extent of the injuries sustained, therefore, compensation amounts naturally vary from case to case, and consequently, we are unable to give an exact amount.

For a typical guide on the sort of compensation awards received for different types of injuries, please use our interactive model below. The amounts below show how much compensation you could receive for a minor injury and a severe injury. Click here to find out how these figures were calculated.

Simply click the name of the body part that correlates with your own injury:

The Injury Compensation Calculator refers to the Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases, 14th Edition by the Judicial College. The general and special damages you receive will ultimately be calculated according to the circumstances of your case. General damages compensation awards vary according to the severity of injury and how quickly you recover.

The Compensation Claim Report calculation includes the 10% uplift in general damages in line with the Jackson reforms recommendation for claims funded by a conditional fee agreement (CFA). Cases initiated before 1st April 2013 may receive 10% less in general damages than indicated in the calculator.

Every attempt has been made to make all information contained in the report as accurate as possible. However the interactive calculator is intended as a guide only.

A solicitor will need to collate more information about your situation to be able to give you a more detailed idea of a potential settlement amount as well as how likely you will be to win and how long it could take to receive compensation.